The Wood Guy, LLC

The Wood Guy LLC Information and Disclaimers
If you have any question concerning any of the information stated above, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any and all questions.  Thank you.  
Why topping trees is not healthy for your trees  
While you are here please take a moment and check out our charity foundation.  Giving back to local families since 2010.   A collective 6 of local small business owners that care.
Hard working for a reason.  Here is our reason.
COVID-19 Safety precautions for employees.  Please do not report to work if you are ill or anyone in your household is ill.  Must have a Dr.s note of return.  Practice 6 feet distancing while working. No customer contact. Disinfect with provided wipes your assigned personal vehicles, handles and  equipment regularly.  Pack lunches to avoid unneccesary stops in public places.  Sanitize hands & cell phones upon arrival to work and throughout the day as necessary.  Wear provided work gloves. Hand washing is a must for any stops to use the restroom.  Drive with vehicle windows cracked for added ventilation.  Follow the cdc guidelines for proper hand washing and protection.
Customer guidelines: (not all inclusive and will evolve as necessary) 
All communication and correspondence goes through Eric the owner. Please be respectful of the no contact rule and call or communicate through electronic methods. 
All quotes, work orders, invoices or receipts will be handled electronically.  Please provide email address. Our email address is  Eric's cell # is 330-696-7702

We are accepting credit payments only at this time.  We will waive the credit card processing fee.  No cash or check payments being accepted to minimize contact.

We appreciate those of our customers that like to offer water or food for our employees but at this time we cannot accept the generosity. However, if you have an outside water spigot, we would like permission to use for our employees to wash their hands if needed. 

We thank all of our customers who are keeping our doors open and our employees and their families with income during this challenging time. God Bless All Of US.